Friday, February 22, 2008

What exactly is Happiness?

With one more month of winter scheduled, it is time to begin to spring clean and prepare our inner self for the seed of inspiration-that is what ever inspires you. Since November of 2007 I have been inspired by Happiness. Yes Happiness! With this inspiration I turned to my book shelf and found the book "Happiness is a Choice" by Barry Neil Kaufman. My Soul seemed to scream-"Read it Again!" In practicing to listen to my inner voice, I snatched the book from the top shelf and proceeded to read it for the third time. As I read the words painted by Kaufman I became even more inspired about my inner desire to be Happier. This fueled my curious self to learn more about What exactly is Happiness?

This curiosity, backed by my inner desire for greater understanding of what is happiness, lead me to facilitate a home study happiness class. This class was already put together by Kaufman and The Option Institute. As I prepared for the class I began reading other books such as The How to Happiness and Happy for No Reason, I also ventured back into my book shelf and found an Australian Author Michael Rowland who wrote Absolute Happiness which stimulated my desire even more.

The essense of my learning thus far is that Happiness is simply a feeling and we can choose this feeling at any given moment! This feeling comes from within us and requires no external stimulus. It is the biological experience of our life force freely flowing through us uninhibited by negative thoughts, suppressed negative feelings or any restrictions in our body. This is the state of Absolute Happiness.

On the other side of the coin is ordinary Happiness. This is the feeling when we obtain what we want from the material world or another person. It is receiving the pay raise, the new job, "falling" in love, a vacation, the new hair cut, weight loss, etc...Yet the feeling of Happines wears off eventually unless we continue to succeed in feeding this insatiable appetite-Temptation!

Our true self continues to yearn for the experience of Absolute Happiness while our false self is dilusioned by the feeling the material world brings. This is a futile search for we can never obtain what we already have. Absolute Happpiness is that feeling of inner knowing, inner peace, a deep sense of self, and most of all what each human heart desires most.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Who do You Trust?

Similar to Jim Morrison's "Who Do You Love?" the question arises "Who Do You Trust?" In all my transactions with life and others there is only one common denominater and that is ME. Self Trust and Self Love are the ultimate inner peace makers. When I trust my self then self doubt disappears. Self doubt is the war between one's head and heart. Conflict arises beteen logical rationalization and emotional feelings. I'm feeling something yet thinking otherwise or worse am I thinking I should feel a certain way? This stirs up the pot of judgements or beliefs about the ensuing choice to be made. Do I trust my logic at this time or do I go with my feelings?

According to Brian Tracy, humans choose 100% of the time according to emotions yet according to Ronald Brill and Barry Neil Kaufman our emotions are distorted by our beliefs. Often times if the conflict is too great we then seek the opinions of others. If I do this, my mind is filled with extra voices to contend with the noisy crowd that already resides in my mind. It might be best to recognize that Self Trust is listening to the blood of our Self. Instead of seeking others opinioins, perhaps I can sit still and journal to expel all negative thoughts. When all negative thoughts have been written, I can go back and invert the negative statements into positive statments. Example: Negative: I can't make up my mind about which movie to see. Positive: The movie I choose to see will teach me something about me. Once you complete the Emotional Response Technique you will be pleasantly suprised how quickly you can answer "Who Do I Trust?" I suggest we come to a decision as to how this choice brings me towards my Visions and Dreams instead of away from my fears. If I change my belief, then I change my feelings and thus my action or decision. This process teaches each of us to choose consciously and build self trust through self love without having to exhaust so much energy to get to the point.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

feed ME

Are we in a modern day Holocaust? Is our comercial food chain the Gas Chamber? If we truly see how the land is treated and how the animals are treated one can observe some literal and symbolic resemblances between Hitler's behavior with our own Government's behavior. People are in such a fog due to eating from the trough of comercially raise animal products and processed manufactured foods. Are the American people and the majority of the world population in an invissible concentration camp?

Think clearly for one moment this truth: Cows are not designed to eat corn/grains, therefore, farmers' force them to adapt. Because they don't adapt, antibotics and growth hormones are added to their breakfast, lunch and dinner to assist in the development of USDA Grade A beef. Now you as a ignorant consumer eat the beef thinking it is Grade A. What you really are eating is what the cattle consumed in a condensed form or a more concentrated form. See the connection 'concentrated' as in from 'concentration camps-padocks.' This is exactly how the comercially raised animals are treated. They live in concentration camps and tortured with modern day treatments that fool the general public. It isn't very difficult to fool those who are numbed out, confused, and consuming the very thing that is fooling them! Then the public becomes lifeless victims merely existing and blames the Government or Agribuisness or the Food Industry. Nothing can be further from the truth because we are the Governement and every dollar we spend is a vote in support of the world we create.

Consider this Truth: Cows are designed to eat grass and the microorganisms from the earth-period! They certainly deserve the respect and honor from all people for their life giving sustanence for human consumption and evolution. Grass fed and humanly treated animal product are a luxury for me. I am so grateful when I'm able to have meat that is blessed through the natural order of all things. Everytime I spend a dollar on grass fed meat, poultry, nest run eggs, dairy and sustainable wild deep ocean caught fish, I'm doing my part to create a healthier, happier, and harmonious me who escaped the concentration camp.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

MasterMind Group

During my MasterMind Group last night I expressed my desire to create a Blogspot for myself. As part of this group I am learning to hold myself accountable for the spoken desires that leak from lips. Thus, I have ventured out of my inner cave of vulnerabilities through the fire of the 'terror barriers' and into the cool vastness of the blogger ocean. It is my Soul's desire to begin to feedME or my Highest Self and let go of FEEDING me or my lowest self. Bob Proctor's quote sums it up very nicely: "Letting go of lower concerns for HIGHER IDEALS!" Ok Bob, I got it and thank you for those words that have unlessed the shackles of my emotional bondage and setting me free to explore, express, and experience life with the ever growing Global Family and the New World Consciousness that is being created. As we journey together, I now have my first creative outlet as I will be posting regularly. I want everyone to know I exist and I have something of great value to offer the human race and the earth. "The Greatest Expression of Gratitude is co-creating and fully participating in the evolution of the Human Heart and becoming a steward of the Earth!" The Earth or Planet Earth is the Universe's Vacation spot for Soul's evolving. It's beauty and awe from space lets us all realize that we are so fortunate to have life and the opportunity to love in Paradise! However, our Earth Paridise requires our full participation in Co-Creating Heaven on Earth or On Earth as it is in Heaven. The choice is yours and your participation certainly lets me and others know what your imagination is regarding Heaven. Landfills? FeedLots? Genetically Modified Food? Domestic Violence? or can we Create it as Crystall Clear Water Ways? Biodyverse Organic Farming? Cooperation? Health, Happiness and Harmony with each other and all things??? Hmm!